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Dual & Single Extrusion
135 x 135 x 130 mm workspace
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Enclosed printing chamber

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Designed for Your Comfort

Inventure stands out with its design and features. It's a technologically advanced device, all for your comfort of use.

Fully Enclosed Chamber

You can print with a wide range of filaments, even those prone to shrinkage, as Zortrax Inventure has been designed around an enclosed, heated chamber. What's more, it minimized the risk of unsupervised interference.

Repeatable, High Quality

Inventure is designed to provide you with the same high quality of prints over time. On top of that, with water-soluble supports you can print multiple models at once stacked on top of each other.

Without Unpleasant Smell

Zortrax Inventure 3D printer safe to use in any office or space. As it is equipped with a replaceable HEPA filter, it reduces unpleasant smells and particles emitted during 3D printing.

Suitable for All

Whether you're a beginner and only started your adventure with 3D printing, or you're a professional who knows everything about the technology, using Inventure is an easy and effortless experience.

Print All Types of Models

Inventure is equipped with two hotends and two nozzles adapted to print with different types of materials. That makes it suitable for a broad application range, as you can print models of various levels of complexity. You can print in two different modes.

Single-extrusion mode

This 3D printing mode uses one material to print both the model and the support structures. Once printing is finished, models have to be post-processed manually to remove supports. Single extrusion is perfect for models with not complicated structure, as well as quick, draft prints.

Dual-extrusion mode

The dual-extrusion system makes it possible to use separate materials during one printing process - the model material and the water-soluble support material. Since supports can easily be removed in heated water, this mode is ideal for intricate objects and mechanisms printed in one piece.

Zortrax Filaments Compatibility

The printer works with a wide range of Zortrax-certified filaments in both single- and dual-extrusion modes.

Ready-made printing profiles
Wide filament range
Repeatable print quality
Dedicated for single extrusion:


Dedicated for dual extrusion:


Suitable External Filaments

Third-party filaments are fully applicable while printing in both extrusion modes.

Pre-defined settings
Diverse filament choice
Print settings can be saved and reused
Compatibility with filaments based on:


Why Inventure?

Unlike most of the 3D printers, Inventure can print in a dual-extrusion mode. What does it mean?

With the dedicated water-soluble Z-SUPPORT Premium material, Inventure can 3D print all your designs with complicated internal structures, hollows, or overhangs. It also makes it possible to print movable mechanisms in one piece. Z-SUPPORT Premium dissolves in heated water in Zortrax DSS Station without leaving remains or damaging details.

They Wrote About Us



Martin Falk-Hansen, a Danish 3D printing passionate, uses Zortrax 3D printers in his business and creative projects. Recently he used Zortrax Inventure to print the design of the Mazda RX7 Wankel engine. As he said, this was an amazing project that showed what kind of capabilities this dual-extrusion printer has.



LimeLite is an Australian manufacturer which produces customized light appliances for decorative lighting market. The company set up a 3D printing farm with over 30 3D printers working on 20 lamps per day. These customized items are sold to larger customers, such as hotels, restaurants, or cafes.


Victoria University

Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, used 3D printers to print over 5000 plastic bones for osteopathy students. 3D printed models became educational aid for anatomy classes and helped students improve their exam results. The University wanted to give students hand-on experience beyond the laboratory classes.



Cardiac surgeons in Medical University of Gdańsk in Poland were looking for a more reliable method of planning of surgeries. So in addition to CT and MRI scans, which sometimes are not enough for complex surgeries, the doctors managed to work out the way to 3D print precise models of organs affected by diseases to safely prepare for the operation.


Vins Motors

Vins Motor, a company based in Maranello, Italy, designed and built a revolutionary performance motorbike called Duecinquanta. During the prototyping phase, the creators 3D printed concept models for the motorbike’s chassis, suspension, and a 2-stroke engine. 3D printing allowed the company to freely iterate the whole design until it met their goals.

How to start printing in less than 10 minutes?

A few simple steps is what you need to follow to complete a print job with Zortrax Inventure.
See for yourself how uncomplicated the whole process is.

Design or Download 3D Model

Start by designing or downloading a 3D project. Zortrax Library contains many diverse models.


Upload your 3D model into Z-SUITE software. Next, adjust basic settings, select materials you're going to use, and export the .zcode file.

3D Print

Transfer your file to the 3D printer, load filaments, and start the printing process.


Take your print out of the DSS, dry it out, and your job is done. Enjoy your 3D model.


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Zortrax Inventure features

  • Dual-extrusion
  • Single-extrusion
  • 3D prints high-temperature ABS-based
    filaments with PVA soluble support
  • Enclosed, heated printing chamber
  • Built-in HEPA filter
  • External filaments

Zortrax DSS features

  • Removes water-soluble support structures
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with all PVA water-soluble filaments
  • No additional solvents needed

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Zortrax DSS Station:

How does it work and why do I need it?
Zortrax DSS Station is a device for automatic water-soluble support structures removal. It can speed up the process, but it is optional, as you can use any container filled with warm water.
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Zortrax Inventure features

  • Dual-extrusion
  • Single-extrusion
  • 3D prints high-temperature ABS-based
    filaments with PVA soluble support
  • Enclosed, heated printing chamber
  • Built-in HEPA filter
  • External filaments

Zortrax DSS features

  • Removes water-soluble support structures
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with all PVA water-soluble filaments
  • No additional solvents needed

What’s in the Box

The set contains everything you need to start printing right away. Included tools and accessories ensure safe operation of the printer and easy post-processing of prints.

Zortrax Inventure 3D printer

Zortrax DSS Station*

Build Trays (5 pcs.)

Material Spool



Nozzle Key

Spool holder (2pcs.)

SD Card +



Allen Keys

Power Cable

*Delivered only with the "Zortrax Inventure & DSS Station" bundle

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